Golf Event

283_golf_ball_and_swingFore! The 13th Annual Golf-a-Thon Event is coming soon! Tuesday, April 30, 2019 to be exact! This means the sky will be filled with dozens of dimpled white spheres flying towards a small hole in a perfectly manicured grass landing. Sound fun?  It is!!

Do you have to be a “good” golfer to participate? No, just be willing to have fun hitting a golf ball hundreds of times and raise support for the ministries of Beacon of Hope. There is no cost to participate but we do hope you will sponsor yourself. Please fill out the form below and we will send your golfer information packet soon.

Go ahead…grab your clubs, dust them off, and get ready for some great golfing fun on April 30th, 2019! It’s going to be a beautiful, spring day – it has to be after all this snow – and come join the fun! And don’t worry if you don’t have enough money to buy golf equipment, just contact!

Not able to golf but want to support the event? Just scroll down to the bottom of this page and fill out a sponsorship form or click on the PDF form, print it out and send it in.


13th Annual Beacon of Hope Golf-a-thon Event

Golf Event - Year #4

Golf Event – Year #4

Event Details:

      • Clearbrook Golf Course, Saugatuck, MI
      • All day event – it’s going to be great!
      • No cost to participate – we do hope you’ll sponsor yourself
      • Golfers receive sponsorship & donations from friends, family, business contacts to golf 100 holes!
      • Golfers & caddies will receive a thank you gift package
      • Prizes awarded for amounts raised plus on the course events, including a hole in one for an incredible prize!


      • 25 golfers & caddies
      • Each golfer to raise $1,000
      • Each golfer to sponsor themselves for $90
      • Event underwritten so 100% of sponsorship & donations can benefit the ministries of BoH
      • Our goal is $35,000.

How can I support this event?

First – through prayer!

      • safety of all golfers and volunteers
      • event to be underwritten 100% so that all donations may go 100% to the ministries of BoH
      • event to be a witness to the awesomeness of God & His Blessings
      • each golfer to raise their goal of $1,000

Second – become a sponsor! (Click here to become a sponsor now)

      • flat donations
      • per hole sponsorship (golfers goal is to play 100 holes)
      • contact a golfer and commit to sponsoring him/her
      • after the event, a letter will be sent informing you of your pledge total
      • all donations are 100% tax deductible according to 501c3 regulations
Thank you in advance for your prayer and
financial support  of Beacon of Hope and this event!

Use the Following Forms to Easily Become a Sponsor or a Golfer:

2019 Golfer Handbook

Golfer Commitment Online Form or download PDF

Golf Event Sponsorship Form or download PDF

Business Sponsorship

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