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Groups are Growing

At the beginning of 2020, we had 3 groups with a group capacity of 10-12 clients. We were able to serve 30-36 clients efficiently and effectively. We were slowly working towards a 4th group, as the group demand continued to

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A Year of Great Opportunity

We did it! We completed 2020! Congratulations, you persevered and have moved on to a new year—a year of great opportunity. Every year has great opportunities. Yes, even 2020, among all its hang-ups and headaches, had opportunities.  When I wrote

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My Internship at Beacon of Hope Made Me the Counselor I Am Today

In 2019, I was blessed to finish my counseling internship at Beacon of Hope.  Before Beacon of Hope, I was really struggling with Imposter Syndrome. Am I doing enough? Am I doing this right? Do I have what it takes

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“Papa God, thank You for construction vehicles, how they dig and move dirt and build big roads! Thank You for boo-boos, that You can heal them! Thank You for my sister and that she’ll be here soon to play with!”

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Be the Light 5k

While we’re super bummed we weren’t all able to run together for our Be the Light 5k, we’re praising God for the 164 participants and love hearing why you joined this event! Here’s what a few of you shared with

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Switching to Telehealth

Looking back at the last six months, it is remarkable to consider all the change that was thrust upon all of us in so many areas of our lives. If you had told me in early March the way our

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Interview on The Pledge

On Tuesday, our Executive Director, Kyle, was interviewed by The Pledge about Beacon of Hope and our upcoming 5k fundraiser. Check out his interview here:    

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Running into Happiness

“I feel like I’m walking through mud. I have no motivation to do things I once loved doing. I feel alone, like no one understands me. I can’t shake this. It just isn’t me.” “I feel like my heart is

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Growing through a Global Pandemic

I’d imagined what my final year of graduate school would look like for quite some time. but experiencing a global health pandemic in the middle of my field internship was not quite on my radar. I ‘d envisioned what it

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COVID-19, Our 14th Annual Golf Event, and God’s Perfect Provision

March 16, 2020, Beacon of Hope closed and locked the front door of our Holland office to allfoot traffic. This was an unprecedented maneuver to begin a phased plan to keep our staff, clients, and community safe. This was the

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