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Running into Happiness

“I feel like I’m walking through mud. I have no motivation to do things I once loved doing. I feel alone, like no one understands me. I can’t shake this. It just isn’t me.” “I feel like my heart is

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Growing through a Global Pandemic

I’d imagined what my final year of graduate school would look like for quite some time. but experiencing a global health pandemic in the middle of my field internship was not quite on my radar. I ‘d envisioned what it

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COVID-19, Our 14th Annual Golf Event, and God’s Perfect Provision

March 16, 2020, Beacon of Hope closed and locked the front door of our Holland office to allfoot traffic. This was an unprecedented maneuver to begin a phased plan to keep our staff, clients, and community safe. This was the

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Psalm 131

Psalm 131 is an interesting Psalm. It”s short; it’s only three verses long. I first noticed Psalm 131 when I was grieving the death of a grandparent. Death is something that’s out of my control, and Psalm 131 captured my

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As my time in graduate school is coming to an end, I find myself reflecting more and more on the journey that my family and I have been on the last three years. At the beginning of the program, this

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Sadness is a normal part of the human experience. We tend to see sadness as something to hide from, run from, or fight. It doesn’t feel good. It hurts. It takes away our energy and strength. For those who have

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3rd Annual Staff Retreat: Fighting Thoughts

On February 22nd, twenty Beacon of Hope staff counselors, interns, and volunteers came together for our Third Annual Staff Retreat. Part of our day was focused on the tension of when we “know” something is true in our minds but become

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Snowy progress

It wouldn’t be winter in Michigan without waking up to a dumping of snow! The brilliant while coated everything! Knowing I had plans with a friend in a few hours, I dutifully went out to shovel the driveway. From inside,

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Be The Light

Welcome to 2020! I am not exactly sure where the last six months of 2019 went, but here we are embarking on the start of a new year and new decade. That just does not seem possible, but here we

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Rest is a Heart Issue

Are you answering “how are you?” with “exhausted,” too? This past daylight savings, I, with all seriousness, did not notice my clocks were an hour behind for three counseling sessions until another therapist pointed it out. That’s how tired I

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