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Be The Light

Welcome to 2020! I am not exactly sure where the last six months of 2019 went, but here we are embarking on the start of a new year and new decade. That just does not seem possible, but here we

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Rest is a Heart Issue

Are you answering “how are you?” with “exhausted,” too? This past daylight savings, I, with all seriousness, did not notice my clocks were an hour behind for three counseling sessions until another therapist pointed it out. That’s how tired I

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God’s Love Directs Our Lives at All Times

Although Christian counselors want to lead clients in God’s plan to solve their issues and concerns, it can be hard to navigate the difference between trusting oneself and trusting God to lead a client. One of the challenges in working

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16th Annual Friends Dinner

Thanks to everyone who attended our 16th Annual Friends Dinner! With 168 in attendance, it was one of our biggest dinners yet! The night began with bidding wars in our silent auction. Thanks to so many generous sponsors, we had

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Court Mandated Therapy Groups

Beacon of Hope received a grant from the Holland/Zeeland Community Foundation this past winter. This grant is to help support the operation and continued development of Beacon of Hope’s court mandated therapy groups and individual counseling. Our very first court

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Fill My Bucket

August is here, and we’re taking full advantage of the joys of summer! Soaking up the summer sun and warmth, I ventured to the splash pad with my 2 year old. Blissfully running through the fountains, he grabbed his bucket

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Interning at Beacon of Hope

A question I get asked a lot is, “Why did you pick Beacon of Hope for your internship?” I have a couple answers to that question. When I first started interviewing with Beacon, I was blown away with the people

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Identity in Christ

One thing that I’ve come to love throughout my time at Beacon of Hope is helping my clients revive their identity in Christ. To do this, I start with the topic of names. Throughout life we are given names. For

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Similar Details, Even Better Results

I was asked to write a blog post after our 2018 golf event. I just went back and reviewed it; this year’s event is almost a carbon copy. It was tempting to just change some dates and stats, copy, paste,

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Internship of Encouragement

My name is Steven Sipes, and I’m a graduate student completing my M.A in Counseling at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. I have been lucky to have the experience to complete my internship at Beacon of Hope. Now, I get the

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