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Groups are Growing

At the beginning of 2020, we had 3 groups with a group capacity of 10-12 clients. We were able to serve 30-36 clients efficiently and effectively. We were slowly working towards a 4th group, as the group demand continued to

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A Year of Great Opportunity

We did it! We completed 2020! Congratulations, you persevered and have moved on to a new year—a year of great opportunity. Every year has great opportunities. Yes, even 2020, among all its hang-ups and headaches, had opportunities.  When I wrote

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My Internship at Beacon of Hope Made Me the Counselor I Am Today

In 2019, I was blessed to finish my counseling internship at Beacon of Hope.  Before Beacon of Hope, I was really struggling with Imposter Syndrome. Am I doing enough? Am I doing this right? Do I have what it takes

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