octblog Reigning in Flying Thoughts - Thoughts fly in and out of my head all day long: Are there any groceries at home for dinner? Yikes, it’s hot outside. Why do we have daylight saving time? I’m excited to see my friend this evening.  I wish
marriage Commonplace: A space for agreement in relationship - Samuel is a Beacon of Hope intern who is passionate about helping couples succeed in their marriages. Check out his wisdom how how to create room in your relationships for the power of agreement.            
team Teamwork makes the dream work - Jill has been serving as an intern for the past eight months. When asked what most stood out to her about Beacon, Jill was quick to reply, “the community!”. Read on to learn how our team mentality helps us best
depressiongroup Depression and Anxiety Group - Depression and anxiety disorders are two of the most prevalent mental health concerns in the US, affecting 15.7 million and 40 million adults respectively. Often these disabilities go hand in hand, acting as a double whammy against those impacted. This
golfevent3 2017 Beacon of Hope Golf Event - On April 25, we hosted the 11th Annual Golf-a-thon. At the event, our 19 golfers played a total of 1,813 holes of golf, raising over $32,000! Check out what a few of these golfers have to say about the event: