A Year of Great Opportunity

We did it! We completed 2020! Congratulations, you persevered and have moved on to a new year—a year of great opportunity. Every year has great opportunities. Yes, even 2020, among all its hang-ups and headaches, had opportunities. 

When I wrote the January blog for 2020, I had no idea what type of year it would be. I could never have guessed or come close to hypothesize the year we just endured. In some ways, it makes you a bit reserved in making any bold predictions for 2021. We just do not know what is going to happen. But, that does not mean that we do not plan.

God has great plans for all of us, and we must be about His business to fulfill these plans. Last year may have been difficult, but it is behind us. This year may have challenges immediately in front of our doors, but we must keep moving. Our God is on the move, and He is doing new and better things every day. His mercies are new every morning (Lamentations 3:22-23). 

Knowing this, I feel it is a great time to share with all our supporters our vision for Beacon of Hope this new year of 2021. We have made our vision statement more succinct, and I will share it with you here: “Transforming Communities By Caring For All People As Christ Does.” 

There is no better time than right now to care for people. There is a lot of hurt and heartache in our world. None of us have to look beyond our front door to see it, either. 2020 taught us that if we did not already know it, that pain and suffering do not care what class you represent or live on Easy Street; nothing is easy, and we have all suffered – some of us a lot more than others. 

2020 reminded us that God is everywhere, and we can reach Him without leaving our homes. What a concept this revealed to our ministry. During the beginnings of the COVID-19 shutdowns, our staff hunkered down in their homes but kept serving people and contributing to the transformation of God’s people. We were still seeing our clients and available to see new clients. New clients in Muskegon now had a counselor in Lansing. We reached new service areas, like Benton Harbor, Greenville, and Hastings, without leaving our homes. Technology allowed us to keep serving, and it was the help of God’s people providing resources and financial assistance to help us develop this new way of counseling. Going forward, our ministry now has the capabilities to service any hurting soul in the state of Michigan. 

Is it possibly time for our ministry to enter into Phase 3 of design at our Holland site? Only God can do this, but the need is so close. It will not be long, and we will be working within a construction site’s walls again. I am excited to see what God has in store for His ministry, Beacon of Hope. 

Will you join me this year in prayerfully seeking God’s wisdom and direction for our ministry? We continue to desire to be a faithful organization that pleases God as we transform communities by caring for people as Christ does. It really is simple, but it really is never easy. We will be successful as long as we remain faithful. This is true for you, your family, and your place of business. God has it covered, and His love endures forever. Please stay safe, stay healthy, and keep seeking God and His righteousness and trust Him to care for your every need. 

Blessings on you all in this New Year of 2021,

Kyle Thompson EdD LPC

Executive Director

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