Be the Light 5k

While we’re super bummed we weren’t all able to run together for our Be the Light 5k, we’re praising God for the 164 participants and love hearing why you joined this event! Here’s what a few of you shared with us:

“I ran for Be The Light 5k because as someone who suffers from her own mental illnesses, I understand the need to normalize mental health and therapy. Therapy changed my life to the point of wanting to become a therapist myself! We all must be the light in this world, and to do that we must start with taking care of ourselves and letting go of the shame we carry inside.”- Sarah


“I run because I can…because my mother took on generational trauma so I could experience life more fully. I may present as healthy and strong, but I only have this opportunity because my mom fought the good fight. She is the real hero, and her story deserves to be told.”- Jeff





“If you or someone you know has wrestled with mental illness, then you know just how valuable love, support, and encouragement can be throughout the journey back toward mental health. You also probably know how valuable money is when seeking mental health services. That’s why it was important for me to participate in the Beacon of Hope Be the Light 5k. In one way or another mental illness effects us all, and this is one way to bring wellbeing a step closer for someone in need. ” -Jon









“I wanted to do this 5k because mental health is so very important. It is just as important as your physical health. I am working at both each day to better myself and those around me. Being a light for others is all I want to do, because so many have done that for me in my hard times.” -Courtney


“I ran the Be the Light 5k because ‘it is easier to build strong children than repair broken men’ (Frederick Douglas).” -Sharon


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