Switching to Telehealth

Looking back at the last six months, it is remarkable to consider all the change that was thrust upon all of us in so many areas of our lives.

If you had told me in early March the way our transition to telehealth counseling would unfold, I may have either looked dumbstruck or laughed in your face.

From a Sunday evening to a Monday morning, we shut down the office, got everyone on staff remotely connected to the office phone system, and reached out via telephone to every single Beacon of Hope client.

Within four weeks:

  • We had every counselor complete a 12 hour certified training on telehealth counseling.
  • We found an affordable, HIPAA compliant, confidential video platform.
  • We created and oriented staff on procedures for using the new telehealth platform, creating a telehealth friendly workspace at home, teaching their clients to access telehealth, setting expectations with clients for private and distraction free calls, and handling crises on telehealth calls.
  • We developed new informed consent documents to outline the benefits, limitations, and conditions of telehealth counseling.
  • We transitioned from phone check-ins with every client to video telehealth calls.
  • We continued to take crisis calls from new clients in the community.

Within two more weeks:

  • We developed an affordable and confidential system for new clients to fill out paperwork online and securely send it to us.
  • We started accepting brand new clients for telehealth counseling.
  • In the end, our 72 page new intern manual became a 100 page manual.

These lists may seem like tedious details, but when I read through them, I am overwhelmed by the power of our God.

The amount of adaptation, training and,  creative problem solving our team accomplished in such a short period of time, on a very tight budget, while also juggling the stress of an unfolding global pandemic, astounds me.

If we had decided on our own to begin offering telehealth services, it would have easily been a year of grueling work. God did it in SIX WEEKS.bI give 100% of the glory to God for carrying Beacon through that transition.

Zechariah 4:6b – “Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit,’ says the Lord Almighty.”

Want to hear more? Krista shares more on our Youtube channel.

Krista has been Beacon’s Director of Counseling since 2016. She enjoys working with couples and those struggling with anxiety. When not at the office, Krista enjoys visiting with family, being outside with her kids, going on walks, and camping.

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