Be The Light

Welcome to 2020! I am not exactly sure where the last six months of 2019 went, but here we are embarking on the start of a new year and new decade. That just does not seem possible, but here we are, right in the midst of just that, 2020! So what now?

The 2019 question was “What is new?”. My 2020 question is, “What now?”. What are we going to do now? Here we are, right here, and God is right here with us. God is still on the throne, no matter what now – that will always be true! So knowing that (God is still on the throne), maybe we should be asking Him, “What now?”.

What is it that God wants you to do this year? The year that many are calling a perfect vision year. A year of full clarity. What will it take for you to have perfect vision this year? Do you need to get stronger lenses? Does your focus need to hone in on a goal that you’ve been wanting to achieve? Those without a vision, according to Scripture, perish (Proverbs 29:18). Do you have a vision? Be it personal, family, business, spiritual, or some other intent, I’d suggest we all consider our vision prayerfully. Have you ever asked God for vision? One definition of vision is “the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom” (Google dictionary).

What now for Beacon of Hope? What is God’s perfect 2020 vision for our ministry? One of the core values of Beacon of Hope is to seek godly wisdom. As we seek God and His wisdom, we must open our hearts and minds to His leading. God has perfect direction to match His perfect vision, plan, and purposeful will. Walking in His steps will find us directly in the middle of His plan and vision. There is no better place to be than in step with God.

Let 2020 be a year of . . . Take a moment and reflect on filling in that blank. We all should be able to fill in that blank. My answer for Beacon of Hope is optimism. My commitment to our team will be to have positive reframes for situations that are ambiguous. We WILL get the grant. We WILL receive the corporate sponsorships. Our donors WILL continue to support us. More lives WILL be reached for Christ.

Being optimistic is what we’re to do now. Being optimistic in this dark world. Optimistic thinking, developing an optimistic mindset; these are what we’re to do now. The next pessimistic or negative statement you hear – please follow it NOW with a positive reframe. Negatives can build upon negatives, but a kind positive word will snuff them out. Be positive, be the change you want to see,  and shine the light in the darkness. I like that theme – let’s use it all year long – Be the Light. And Be the Light NOW!! Shine bright the optimism of how great our God is, yesterday, today, and forever!!Have a blessed 2020! See clearly, be optimistic, and Be the LIGHT!!

Kyle Thompson EdD, LPC
Executive Director

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