Interning at Beacon of Hope

A question I get asked a lot is, “Why did you pick Beacon of Hope for your internship?” I have a couple answers to that question. When I first started interviewing with Beacon, I was blown away with the people here. Meeting some of the staff and interns, they made me feel welcomed. They showed interest in me and my internship experience. It’s also clear that they care about my well-being and not burning out. They made sure I was not overdoing it. We also were able to talk life and not just work. As a staff, we have become family.

The other answer I give is that I believe that the part of our description, “Biblical Counseling Ministry”, is spot on. I love the biblical aspect of Beacon, the ability to be able to open the Bible in session. One of the highlights of the biblical aspect is our staff devotional time every Monday. Being able to gather as a staff, be in God’s Word, and pray together is uplifting and comforting. The ministry aspect is also clear. We are coming alongside people who are hurting and in need. We are there for people who need someone to talk to. We are there for those who need uplifting.

Those are just a couple reasons why I chose Beacon of Hope, and it’s hard to think that my time here is nearing the finish line.

Jimmy started at Beacon in January. He specializes in working with youth and those with anxiety. He enjoys playing softball and watching baseball. He looks forward to spending next school year
in Israel at Jerusalem University College.

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