Similar Details, Even Better Results

I was asked to write a blog post after our 2018 golf event. I just went back and reviewed it; this year’s event is almost a carbon copy. It was tempting to just change some dates and stats, copy, paste, and submit. However, my doctoral training and the loud sounds of Dr. Tuttle reverberating in my head made me realize even though similar, it probably makes sense to say it differently. So, here goes:

This year it snowed 3 days before our event (unlike 5 days prior last year), rained almost the entire day before (unlike sun and 77 degrees last year) and after our event (notice before/after). Very few of us got wet the day of this year’s event, and none of us got significantly wet because the rain, for the most part, completely stayed away. God remains in control.

So much so that this year’s event set ministry records! We had two golfers play more than 180 holes of golf. Sixty five birdies were made overall by all participants. A golfer, for the first time ever, surpassed $4,000 in individual sponsorships. And, myself, the Executive Director, was blessed by much support and topped $10,000 for the first time! God continues to amaze us! We should not be surprised, but we raised the most ever, too: $38,132.37! Praise God!

I thanked our golfers for their great work and effort, and I’m so grateful for their supporters. If you sponsored one of our golfers, I want to say thank you. Your gift is helping our ministry provide professional, Christ-centered counseling without fees. Our staff of supervisors, counselors, master level interns, and LLPC volunteers are committed to providing the competent help needed to assist broken and hurting people sense HOPE. It’ss our ultimate goal that our clients will come to connect the love, grace, mercy, and compassion of our God to the HOPE they receive through Beacon of Hope Counseling services. All these connections are made possible by dedicated people who have grasped the mission of this ministry. On April 30, 2019,18 golfers, 16 caddies, and 7 volunteers were excellent examples of this dedication.

The dedication of playing 100 holes of golf in 7 or 8 hours is somewhat crazy. On a busy summer afternoon, it sometimes takes 5 hours to play just 18 holes of golf. Now, mind you, there are some special rules to help us all get to 100 holes. Even with these special rules, I personally was struggling with attaining 100 this year (but I did manage 105). I had to push through; I was reminded of a struggling client that I’ve been working with and am helping push through some trials of life.

Now, the aches and pains of golfing 100 holes does not compare to the depths of anxiety and depression and other pains that Beacon of Hope clients struggle with daily. Nevertheless, it is a good reminder that we do need to take care of ourselves. How might we care? I must listen to my body. I feel the physical soreness. Sleeping the night of the event is simpler, because of sheer exhaustion. Night number two is much harder, as each toss and turn has muscles speaking volumes. How do I know these muscles are speaking? For the most part the night is silent, so hearing is much easier. Two key words have been mentioned in this paragraph. Can you see them? Do you hear them? Let me give you a clue. Both of these words contain the exact same letters, yes, they are anagrams.

The care us counselors show others starts with being able to LISTEN. In order to properly listen, it is best if the room is SILENT. The same goes when we are seeking God and His wisdom. We must be SILENT in order to LISTEN. So, when the next person asks you how your quiet time with God has been, remember for it to be truly quiet, we must be silent – then we can actually listen. The same thing happens with sore muscles; when I’m active, moving around, I really am not paying attention to the aches and pains. However, to receive some relief, some healing, I should be still and silent, and then I’ll be able to listen to what needs attention. This same pattern applies to everyday happenings in all our lives. Did you listen to your spouse today?  If you didn’t, you probably weren’t silent. Have you listened to your kids, co-worker, or neighbor? We might think we do, but we truly are not able to LISTEN if we are not SILENT.

Sore muscles are reminding me to be silent and listen. What is reminding you?

Thanks for listening,

Kyle Thompson EdD LPC

Executive Director


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