We all experience painful events in our life time such a losing a loved one, experiencing
an injustice, being physical or emotional harmed, financial hardship, and the list goes on and
on. When an individual encounters a situation they believe they do not have the resources to
deal with, the event becomes “traumatic” for them. From a biblical perspective, we learn in the
first chapter of Genesis that God created the whole universe and called it “good.” God even
made the first human, Adam, in his own image. Before the fall of sin, everything was as it was
meant to be. When Adam and Eve sinned, all of the human race and creation inherited this
original sin. This means that things are not as they are meant to be and there is hardship in the
world. Sin in the world has a cost which can include trauma.
Trauma can manifest itself in different ways such as withdrawal, anxiety, depression,
overwhelming emotions, anger outburst, night terrors, irritability, mood swings and poor
concentration. Trauma symptoms are not limited to this because everyone responds to trauma
differently. In some cases, people even respond to trauma by disconnecting from emotions
entirely, so trauma victims may not respond appropriately to events that should cause an
emotional response. This makes it harder for friends and family members of trauma victims to
see that their loved one is in need of help. The phrase, “time heals all wounds,” may not be the
case for those suffering from traumatic events; the effects of trauma can last for years if not
properly dealt with.
Resources such a strong support system, healthy mental coping skills, education, faith,
adequate finances and a safe living environment can help people to better overcomes stressful
events. Unfortunately, not everyone has enough resources in their life which can cause stressful
events to become traumatic for the individual. Counseling interventions can help these
individuals process and heal from past traumatic events. Therapy can help trauma victims
overcome current traumatic experiences in addition to building up resources in their life to
protect against future trauma. If you or someone you know might be suffering from the effects
of trauma, counseling interventions can help with the healing process.

Sophia began her internship in June. She is a student at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary and has a heart for those who have experienced trauma and for the grieving. In her free time, she has a business in which she sings and dresses up like Disney princesses.

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