Hope in Muskegon

Muskegon has a bad reputation.   Or does it?

Truth be told, our reputation is improving.  A recent survey of West Michigan indicates that people view Muskegon as a better place to live now than they did in 2014.  People surveyed indicated a 16-17% improvement in people’s opinion when they were asked if Muskegon is a good place to live or raise a family.  So in many ways, there is a lot of hope in Muskegon.

Still, we do face our challenges.  Crime, low income, unemployment, single parenting, and other social problems are still present in Muskegon.  One question we face here in Muskegon is: how do we help people who are struggling with mental health issues?  

The Challenge

First, we are confronted with national data that says one in five people have a diagnosable mental health condition.  If that norm holds true in Muskegon county, there could be as many as 34,400 people in emotional crisis.  

Second, Muskegon county is considered a Mental Health Provider Shortage Area by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Third, there are not enough churches to help.  Research says 25% of people suffering from mental health issues will see a pastor or religious leader for help.  That’s more than psychiatrists and primary care doctors.  However, 70% of Muskegon County residents do not belong to any church or faith group.  

Put all of this together, and there is a huge need for mental health practitioners.  

The Opportunity

In January, we opened our Muskegon office.  Beacon of Hope Muskegon is now accepting clients at our offices at Central United Methodist Church.  Together, we have the opportunity to help people in need and bring hope to our community.

We have therapists at Muskegon specializing in:

  • Men’s Issues
  • Couples
  • Children
  • Trauma
  • Career Development

Looking to set up an appointment? Give our office a call at 616.594.5380 ext. 103.

Matt is an intern at both our Muskegon and Holland locations. He is also a pastor in Muskegon and heard about Beacon of Hope through one of his colleagues. Intrigued by the idea of offering competent counseling at no cost to clients, Matt met with our Executive Director to learn more and quickly pursued his internship with us. Matt enjoys counseling adults and couples from all walks of life. In his free time, you’ll find him spending time with his family, cooking, playing bass guitar, or watching movies.


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