Attempts at Greatness


God began a good work in 2002, and it became known as Beacon of Hope. Today, some 15+
years later, this work has developed into a reliable, competent, and viable mental health option
for the communities it serves. Yes communities! Founded in Holland, Michigan, Beacon of Hope
can now be found in 4 Michigan areas, with the 5 th beginning this month in Muskegon.

I could not have imagined in 2002, the magnitude of potential of such a ministry. The ministry has impacted thousands of lives since our inception. Countless other broken and hurting lives remain untouched. It is the long-range vision of Beacon of Hope to continue to grow the number of served lives. One way we will serve more is by increasing the number of interns we have on staff. In order to do this right, we will be adding competent paid staff hours for supervision. We want to be an organization that is faithful to God’s leading and call. God has given us many opportunities, and it is our desire to be open to many more.

Fast forward to 2016; Beacon of Hope purchased a building to be our main headquarters in Holland. The bold goal was to have it paid for in two years. We are 79.5% on our way – we are only short $42,000, and we have six more months. In God’s time, we will see it paid off. In the meantime, we seek Godly wisdom. I want to be a leader that is sensitive to our people and the people we serve. I want to serve where we are and be ready to go where we are needed, no matter where that might be. Listening to the voice of God, waiting on His leading, and boldly taking faithful steps is crucial to the success of Beacon of Hope.

Another part of the journey, beginning back in 2014, and completing this past year of 2017, was more schooling. I received the blessing to complete my doctorate degree. Now my prayer is to look for opportunities to use this degree in 2018 and beyond and continue to lead, walking humbly with our God. It is time to utilize the knowledge gained to educate, motivate, and encourage other servant leaders in their own ministries. God does not give amazing blessings for His people to keep them to themselves. I must be about my Father’s business, wherever this might lead, starting with some inner soul searching and personal self-awareness. My dream includes providing pastoral coaching locally – keeping the clergy healthy and self-aware of imminent struggles that could strike a pastoral family – and then being so bold as to take the mission of Beacon of Hope overseas, teaching and speaking to ministers, counselors, missionaries, and other people helpers.

I encourage you to contact me so I can more thoroughly share the passion I have for Beacon of Hope Ministries. I get a little excited when it comes to sharing the vision!

In conclusion, I want you to ponder a quote that a dear friend recently gave me in a frame that will soon find its way on the conference room wall. “Attempt something so great for God it’s doomed to failure unless God be in it.” – John Edmund Haggai.

What are you going to attempt?

Kyle Thompson EdD, LPC

Executive Director


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