2017 Beacon of Hope Golf Event

On April 25, we hosted the 11th Annual Golf-a-thon. At the event, our 19 golfers played a total of 1,813 holes of golf, raising over $32,000! Check out what a few of these golfers have to say about the event:

How did you first get involved in the Golf-a-thon?
“My wife and I saw it as the way we could have the greatest positive financial impact on Beacon of Hope. We have both been wonderfully blessed by the ministry of BOH! How we could not get involved in the golf event?”

“In 2009, my sister, who is on your board of directors, asked me if I was interested. She knew I was a golfer and maybe I would be interested in the BOH event. I committed and have now golfed for 9 years.”

“Beacon of Hope is one of our favorite ministries. Being past recipients of the excellent counseling BOH provides, we like to show our support. We believe in what BOH is doing and we want others in need to experience the same care we did. And since the golf-a-thon is BOH’s largest fundraiser, we got involved.”

What are your favorite parts of the event?

golfevent2“We love that it gives us the opportunity to share with people in our lives how amazing BOH is to us and to so many others. It’s beautiful to see so many people give of their resources because they believe in the ministry of BOH. What blows me away is the generosity shown by folks I would never imagine would give that amount! We had a cool thing happen this year; during the morning of the event, as we had just begun, a pastor friend called and wondered if we met our goal yet. I said, “No, we had not reached our goal.” He said, “Well, would a $1000 help you reach your goal?” I about fell over! On a personal level, my wife and I get to spend the whole day together for a cause that is near and dear to our hearts! And we love to set goals and shatter them together!”

“Besides golfing all day, just the feeling that I’m doing this for a very good cause. Before the event I contact as many of my friends, relatives, business associates, etc., that I can think of. It keeps me connected with all of them in a positive way. I’m usually one of the top fundraiser each year, and I really make an effort each year to stay up near the top. The more contacts I make help BOH known in a good way.”

“Everything! It’s all good! The golfing is great; being outside all day on a beautiful course with a fantastic group of people is wonderful; the constant supply of food and refreshments is amazing; and best of all – we know we are helping others.”

golfevent3What would you tell someone who is considering joining the golf event in the future?

“It is a great experience, and giving up one day is such a small sacrifice for the impact that is made. Also, don’t be discouraged if you do not raise a lot of funds the first year or two. Our givers and total amount raised has increased every year! We look forward to [this event] every year! From the cause, to our personal desires to help, the fellowship, the golf course, the date with my wife, we love it all!”

“It’s a very rewarding experience. They would have a great feeling that they are doing the Lord’s work for a great organization like BOH. I would tell them that what I have done has affected many of your clients in a very positive way and possibly have changed lives for the better! Also, I know that your clients don’t have to pay anything for the services offered, and that is very significant. If a new golfer would want to try it, I would tell them it’s very worth giving up their time to raise the funds and experience a great opportunity to do good for the community they live in.”

“Just do it! It’s a very fun way to help raise money for an amazing ministry. Being a great golfer is not required. And you WILL be able to golf more holes than you think you can!”

Thank you for our golfers, caddies, volunteers, and sponsors for making this event possible!

Mark your calendars for our next Golf-a-thon on Tuesday, April 24, 2018. Stay tuned to our website and Facebook page for more details.

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